The 5 Best Gifts To Buy New Parents!


When a baby is born, often people’s first reaction is to buy a gift for the newborn baby.

However, the new parents will appreciate a thoughtful and helpful gift much more than the baby, so if you want to buy something small for the baby and then also something for the parents, you’re in the right place!

We are introducing the best gifts to buy new parents no matter your budget.

1. A Food Delivery Subscription

a-food-delivery-subscription-is-best-gift-to-buy-new-parentsFinding the time to plan out meals, do a food shop, cook a meal, eat, and clear up is near impossible with a new baby! So, one of the best gifts you can get new parents is a food delivery subscription. Buy them a voucher with a food subscription company where everything arrives weighed out and recipes are quick and easy to make, so they can easily make delicious food without all the hassle.

With such a gift, which is also popular as gift vouchers for employees, they can choose the specific meals they want, whether that’s 15-minute meals or one-pot dishes to save on washing up. Maybe get a coupon that will last them about 3 weeks, so that they can adjust to becoming new parents with one less thing to worry about. This is such a fantastic gift that any new parent will definitely appreciate.

2. Weighted Blankets

best-gifts-to-buy-new-parents-is-weighted-blanketsWe all know the rule that when your baby is sleeping, you should be sleeping. However, it can be hard to unwind at times with so much on your mind, so something you can get for the new parents is a weighted blanket. Sleep deprivation can cause so much stress and anxiety, as well as impact the immune system, so a weighted blanket can help the parents to relax quicker and to improve their quality of sleep.

Weighted blankets work by using a deep pressure simulation, helping to reduce cortisol which causes stress, and it also increases levels of melatonin which helps you to sleep. This could transform either nap times or sleep for the parents, so it is certainly a great present for them to try.

3. A Voucher For A House Clean!

best-gifts-to-buy-new-parents-is-voucher-for-a-house-cleanIf you have a lower budget but want something that will be exceptionally helpful for the new parents, give them a homemade voucher for one house clean! The last thing on new parents’ minds is whether or not the house is clean but having a tidy space can really help to improve their mood when things are tough.

So, give them a voucher for one full house clean, where you go in and help them to clean and tidy their home. You might also cook a meal for them whilst you’re there and tidy up after or add childcare vouchers to give them a break. Of course, be careful not to overstay your welcome as the family will be adjusting to their new life, but simply go to help them out and they will be forever grateful. This is more suitable if you are very close friends with the new parents, so if you don’t know them very well, opt for one of the other choices!

4. An Amazon Prime Subscription

amazon-prime-subscription-is-best-gifts-to-buy-new-parentsAs a parent, it is so common to find yourself in a situation where you have forgotten to pick something up that you need and the very last thing you want is to have to go out to the shops to pick it up. So, an Amazon Prime subscription is a fantastic gift! You might cover the subscription for the first 6 months until the parents have adjusted to life as a family, so that if they ever need formula, nappies, things for the house, dummies, or anything else, they can have it by the next day.

This is something super simple, but it can really make a huge difference to the new parents when they desperately need something!

5. Postpartum Massage

postpartum-massage-is-best-gifts-to-buy-new-parentsLast but not least, a gift just for the mum of the baby that she will love is a postpartum massage. Find a local massage therapist who specializes in postpartum massage and buy a voucher so that she can go whenever she feels ready. Labor is so intense, and this massage will help to relax the muscles and improve circulation.

It can also help to reduce stress and give the mother a moment of relief. The benefits are endless when it comes to postpartum massage, so this is a fantastic gift to really help her mental and physical health after birth.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a new parent is hard, so if you can do anything to help them out, you definitely should! These are all really thoughtful gifts for the parents, as they are likely to be surrounded by gifts for the baby, but they need help with useful gifts more than the baby. So, save the gifts for the baby until they’re slightly older and focus on the parents, as they will be so grateful for any help you are able to offer.