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5 Things You Need For Truly Meaningful Christening Mementos

Baptism Favors – 5 Things You Need For Truly Meaningful Christening Mementos

Baptism is the mark that signals the start of a new life in Christ.

Unlike Christmas, Baptism can take place anytime within the year. You could prefer to schedule your baptismal ceremony to be on a Christmas day!

Nothing defeats the power of marking baptism with strong memories. When Jesus received baptism, God from heaven expressed his pleasure in that.. At HOLYART, we offer you a wide range of products to facilitate your memories of baptism. That serves you right as an individual and for those whom you hold dear. Be sure to explore our wide range of products and surprise them with any. Remember, the mark of baptism does not fade away. Take it as your duty to remind each other of the long journey. Better still; mark each anniversary with a gift to christen the memoirs.

From HOLYART – Click Here you have a wide range of items to offer as gifts during and in commemoration of the baptism of members of family, relatives, and friends, over time:

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Have the opportunity to make selections and arrange for the timely shipping of the following (and many more):

  1. Baptismal gown in satin with a cross that is golden, pink or light-blue. Others have golden doves, candles. They make them up from pure cotton as well blend some of majorly cotton and some polyester.  Baptismal candles, you can order for a box and get some quantity discount for taking up several pieces at a go. The lighting up of a candle has great significance for all of us. The flame from one matchstick can light up all the candles in the entire church. What significance is in that? Perhaps, it’s the change we commit to undertake doesn’t exhaust our capacities in Gods kingdom. It only serves to enrich our being together in the journeys after baptism.
  2. Special chocolates for kids! Yes, kids happen to stick on memories of baptism with the sweetness of chocolate. After all, their innocence justifies that. It serves as a great reminder even several years into the future towards adulthood. Christ too remained under the care of Joseph and Mary as he grew up. He learned the customs and common trade as a carpenter after his baptism. One more striking point is the humility of Christ during his baptism. Although Christ was the Son of God, he did not insist on Baptizing himself! He allowed John the Baptist to take his role without much of a spectacle.
  3. Gifting out a Bible from HOLYART: Baptism marks maturity into the Kingdom of Christ. We all transform into soldiers of his cause. How about giving out a bible. It’s applicable at any point right after baptism or as a memoir years after the occasion. The Bible is God’s word put in writing for us to read through and comprehend the mysteries over time. At HOLYART, we have Bibles for you to make selections. Consider three ream leather covers with golden inscriptions. Consider different sizes, large and small. We also have a pure white leather cover with golden engravings. All of these Bibles have some hefty discount off the actual prize, this season! Besides the Bibles, HOLYART has a beautiful collection or other great materials you can offer as gifts during baptism. We have customized calendars, books especially for children, a range of missals and liturgical texts.
  4. HOLYART has in stock most of what you require in your journey after baptism. For young kids, consider the albs for their first communions. More specifically, if they are willing to undertake altar server duties, you can purchase one for them.  We also have veils for girls and an extensive collection of crosses from wooden and metallic materials. The great thing about the gifts comes in the number of years each can survive. Careful use would see the recipient benefit for a right amount of years after you purchase one for them. That means that your memory shall remain with them for a good number of years after.
  5. Medals and cradles from HOLYART: Theses ones are great ideas too to offer during baptism. With careful selections, you can get customized items with meanings closed to those whom you want to encourage in their journey after baptism.

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 What exactly does baptism transform for us?

  • Baptism signals redemtion from sin and rising in Christ, a new life in Christ. From the point of baptism, we travel along a different route whose final stop is in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  • Baptism also reaffirms our life in faith. Being able to understand ways that are not open to the eyes of the ordinary. It is done in the open for all of us to see and witness
  • Baptism marks beautiful transitions for those whose life is to take care of others in their spiritual journeys. For them, lay leaders, catechists, deacons, priests, senior priest, bishops and cardinals, their trips began with the baptism.
  • It’s an opportunity to get personal. Take up photos to remind you of the occasion. Invite friends and relatives to take part in witnessing at your ceremony. Although, the main focus is those receiving the baptismal, many churches invite the faithfulto stand and affirm their promises during their baptism.

The true meaning of baptism finds abase in a believer’s faithful promise. It is just an instance in life if a believer. The actions and memories emanating from the ceremony are true revelations of the call to serve Christ. The sign of baptism attests to the true confession of Christ as Lord and Savior. When people close to us receive the sign of baptism, it’s our moment to stand with them and support their choices to life that is everlasting.

Worried about your locations?

We strive to deliver to all places in UK and far beyond. With over 200 nations covered around the globe, HOLYART covers you!

Take the opportunity with HOLYART to revive the memories and promises of baptism. You will find a helpful team to assist with your orders and deliveries. Call us today +44 2080688794 you can keep track of your orders with our team all through.

using heaters in room

4 Reasons to Avoid Using Heaters in Kid’s Rooms

Heaters are used commonly during the winter season as it helps in keeping the rooms warm and cozy. But it is important that the gas heaters are used safely otherwise they can become a safety hazard. Having heaters in adults room offers comfort and luxury during the chilly weather but putting them in children’s room is not a smart move. They are not safe for the babies because unlike adults, they cannot adjust the heat setting to keep the temperature comfortable.

Here are a few reasons using the heater in baby’s room is not the best idea.

Increasing Risk of SIDS:

Babies are sensitive and if the room gets too hot then it will increase the chances of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Babies can easily get overheated so it is better to keep the heater out of the baby’s room.

To protect the babies from chill and SIDS it is important to dress them in semi-warm pajamas. Make sure that they are on their back and not their stomach. Heaters reduce the moisture in the room which is not healthy for the babies. They can also reduce the amount of oxygen in the room and lead to some serious health hazards.

heters in room

Keep the Door Slightly Open:

There are heaters that are safer to use as compared to the propane or gas heaters. The radiant heat heaters use electricity to heat the area but even these heaters can make the room too hot for the babies. If you are using it in the children’s room then you should leave the door slightly open so there is a flow of fresh air and supply of oxygen. Putting a bowl of water in the room is also effective in maintaining humidity. It is also essential to keep the heater away from anything that can catch fire like curtains, bed, etc.

When you first put the heater on your child’s room then you should set an alarm and check on the baby regularly. Check the skin to see whether it is too hot or not.

Risk of Burns:

Toddlers are extremely curious and they like to touch everything and explore it. Putting a heater in a toddler’s room and leaving them there unassisted is a terrible mistake. Toddlers will definitely touch the heater just to satisfy their curiosity and it can result in burn injuries. They can also end up putting something flammable on the heater that can lead to a fire. You should never leave a toddler unattended if the heater is switched on in any room.

heaters in room

Drying of Nasal Passages:

The heaters can suck up all the moisture from the room and make the atmosphere too dry. Babies have sensitive bodies and mucus in the nose can dry up easily. If the nose becomes too dry then it can lead to serious nosebleeds. The dried mucus can also make the baby vulnerable to infections which can be dangerous as their immune system is not too strong.

Make sure that you install gas safety equipment like CO detectors, Fire alarms, etc. in the baby’s room. Know more about the gas safety certificate check London.