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11 Things To Consider Before Buying Bedroom Furniture

Fitted-Bedroom-FurnitureThe bedroom is at times known as the safe place of every home. It is supposed to offer you peace and tranquility when you go to sleep or any time you spend in it. Most of the time, it’s the one room with the most personal items; from your clothing, shoes, jewelry, personal documents, and much more

The setup of your bedroom and furniture you use plays a huge role in setting the mood of your room and also expressing your taste and personality.

There are several reasons you may be buying bedroom furniture, either because it is your first home or you are refurbishing. Below, Metro Wardrobes has compiled a list of 11 things you must consider before buying Bedroom furniture –

  1. Measurements;

Ensure that you measure the space in the preferred room that you choose to be the bedroom. Measuring space will help you know how much space you are working with. After you know the amount of space you have it will be easier to choose the right furniture for the room.

  1. Your Preference and style

You want your bedroom to express your sense of style or rather the theme of your home. Consider if you want your bedroom to be traditional, modern or even a mix of both. It’s your chance to be more selfish with your preferences because just as the living room or kitchen might limit you on going a bit crazy because of visitors or other family members, your bedroom is your sanctuary

  1. The bed

The bed is the main feature of the bedroom. It is the centerpiece of the room, you should take a lot of time to consider the type of bed you want.

  • The size of the bed has to be in line with the measurements you took so as to determine whether you want the bed to take up most of the space in the room or not.
  • Where the bed would be placed will also play a part in choosing the bed. For example; if the bed will be next to the window then the type of headboard should be considered so as to not hinder any light from coming in
  • Your personal needs are also a consideration; if you have health issues like a back problem then a hard bed is the most ideal. Do you prefer to not have a hustle in making the bed every day? Then a high bed is ideal so as to just throw on the covers.
  1. Nightstands;

After deciding on the type of bed you want then the next step will entail picking the type of nightstand or bedside chest drawers you will have. These items go hand in hand with the bed and are mostly used to place phones, books you may be reading before bed, bedside lamps or alarm clocks. It is usually ideal to have nightstands or chest drawers on either side of the bed for either more items to place or for your partner.

5; Electrical stands;

You may want to have a TV together with a KODI Box or DVD player. Although this is always optional, knowing where to place them is very essential. Most people prefer to have them right in front of the bed against a wall, but as we said you are allowed to break the rules. There are some nice wooden TV stands and cabinets you can go for.

  1. Choice of Wardrobes;

The bedroom being the place where you will store your clothes, shoes and other essentials, the wardrobes and closets are a must have The size of wardrobes and closets may also affect the setup of your room and the size of the rest of the furniture.

  1. Closets;

Some of the closets usually come already installed in the room, be it a walk-in closet or a regular open and closed closet. You can decide to renovate the closets to your preference. Their color should also match the room and the rest of the furniture

  1. The theme of the room also determines the type of wardrobes and closets you have to be it; traditional, modern or a mix of both.
  1. Bedroom accessories;

Some furniture is usually used as accessories for your bedroom. Depending on the theme of your room or space you have left it will help you decide on which type of accessories you can have.

  1. Chests and Drawers;

Chests can vary in height and size and thus, can be placed in different areas of choice your room. Dressers are a bit bigger than chests and take up more space; they can also be placed in different areas of choice in the room and can store up more items. Chifferobes are used as an extra room for storing clothes or hanging handbags especially if you are sharing a bedroom with someone

  1. Dressing desk and a chair;

These can be used to place make-up, perfumes and other personal items that allow a woman to sit and use that space to get ready easily.

For all your bedroom furniture needs in London and surrounding areas, kindly get in touch with Metro Wardrobes.

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Top Gaggenau Appliances at fci London modern showroom

There are good reasons why you should opt for the top Gaggenau appliances at fci London modern showroom as you can find all the home appliances you need under one roof. This fully functional showroom allows you to test and see how the appliances work so that when you reach your home, you can be comfortable with using the product you purchased. Whether you need an efficient Gaggenau ventilation system to maintain a fresh living state or want modern kitchen appliances that will help you cook like a pro chef or something custom made to fit your unique space size, fci has it all. Here are Top Gaggenau Appliances at fci London modern showroom.

  1. Cooking appliances

Do you often entertain guests in your home? Or do you want to up your cooking game? Then Gaggenau cooking appliances can make it easy for you to make simple and even elaborate meals that will make a good impression on your guests. You can choose from gas cooktops, induction cooktops, glass-ceramic cooktops and other appliance accessories such as control knobs, deep fryer, grills and steamers.

  1. Ventilation equipment

Breathe life into your luxurious lifestyle with the best ventilation equipment in Gaggenau. It’s especially important to have a good ventilation system if you spend a good amount of time indoors. This is because poor ventilation has been linked to various health problems and creates a perfect environment for mites and molds. However, with a properly installed ventilation system from Gaggenau, you will bring in fresh air to your living space, save on heat energy and keep allergies at bay. Gaggenau ventilation equipment has a unique design that complements the style of your home without sacrificing functionality.

  1. Baking equipment

A delicious slice of cake is often accompanied by a cup of warm coffee, especially during a cold day. Gaggenau will meet your cake and coffee needs with their high-quality baking and coffee appliances. You will not be limited in terms of choice as you can select either a combination of oven and microwave appliance, steam ovens, double ovens for making large quantities of yummy treats and a warming drawers for keeping your food warm until guests are ready to eat. For coffee lovers, a fully automatic espresso machine available in Gaggenau is a must have. As it’s packed with easy to operate features that will give you a cup of homemade coffee drink the way you like it without going to the coffee shop.

  1. Dishwashing

A dishwasher is a must have in your kitchen as it saves on water as well as time. Gaggenau has highly efficient and modern models of dishwashers that always perform at their peak. They have a straightforward process of loading and banishing smells from your dishes. A fully integrated dishwasher will add luxury to your kitchen as it fits seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry.

  1. Laundry cleaning appliances

Laundry cleaning can be a bit of a hustle for working or busy moms. One way to make the process enjoyable and save on time is by using a washer and dryer from Gaggenau. These washing equipment are energy efficient, have water temperature settings, moisture sensors for preventing your fabrics from being over dried and other useful features. They also come in different styles, models and sizes so you can choose that which meets your space.

  1. Refrigerators and freezers

When it comes to buying refrigerators and freezers, there’s more choice in Gaggenau. From choosing based on door style, size and color; whichever cooling equipment you choose from fci you are assured of quality. Since Gaggenau focuses on high quality appliances, drinks and food will remain at the ideal temperature of consumption.

If you’re pleased with your purchase feel free to leave a review or comment on our various social media platform. To find more products please use the navigation button on the fci website.