Funniest stage magicians in the UK

Magic _show stage

Finding a good magician who knows his way around his magic tricks is one thing. Finding a funny one is where the task is another. The UK has many different magicians, but finding one who can tweak some comedy into his magical acts is quite hard.

If you can find a funny magician, then you are in for a good deal. Below are some of the most entertaining magicians in the UK.

  1. Peter Firman

The first magician on our list is Peter Firman. He is one of the leading magicians based in the UK. He is known to be smart enough to combine comedy and magic altogether. He had his first appearance on the TV series, Monkey Magic.

He has had a lot of TV appearances in the UK, which makes him even more familiar to the UK audience. He has also written a book that was so successful in the UK known as ‘Tricks to freak out your friends.’ The book became so successful that it was also published in the USA.

He performs his as a one-man show and has traveled worldwide to showcase his skills. Firman has also had the privilege to appear in Montreal’s most prestigious show known as ‘just for laughs.’

  1. Alan HudsonMagician _tricks

He is highly regarded as one of the highest leading magicians in the UK. With his 20 years of experience, Hudson is known to be very talented in what he does and one of the funniest too.

Alan Hudson does corporate events, wedding parties, and also client parties. He can turn the events into a comedy event through his magical acts. Due to his outstanding comedy skills, he was awarded the Carlton Comedy award. The magician has also joked about having his magic acts in funerals. He hasn’t done it yet, but according to his official website, it is said that funerals are in his bucket list.

  1. John Archer

Here is another funny magician based in the UK. John Archer. He is considered one of the most entertaining comedy magicians in the UK. The magician Dynamo has also aired that John Archer is the funniest magician he has ever seen.

In 2002 he was awarded the British Magical Champion of Comedy when he participated in the British Magical Championship. He has won different awards for being a good comedian. John has also appeared in many TV shows in the UK.