5 Special and Unique Newborn Gift Ideas for Baby Parties


If you’re looking for unique and special gifts for newborns for baby parties or events like a Christening, you’re in the right place!

When someone close to us has a baby, we want to treat them and get them something they will be able to keep and treasure.

So, go through the below-customized baby gift ideas for some inspiration.

1. Embroidered Blanket

embroidered-blanket-assunique-newborn-gift-ideas-for-baby-partiesThe first gift on our list that is highly personal is an embroidered blanket. This is something that can suit any budget, but there is something so special about choosing a cashmere or other luxury material blanket. Super soft and long-lasting when looked after properly, a good quality embroidered blanket can stay with a child right the way through to their adulthood.

For a super-luxury choice, Hermes has exceptional blankets that you could have professionally embroidered, or you could go for something simpler. Babies will have quite a few blankets, but parents are unlikely to spend a significant amount of money on blankets, so this will add a new touch of luxury to their life.

2. Tiffany & Co. Feeding Spoon

tiffany-and-feeding-spoon-as-unique-newborn-gift-ideas-for-baby-partiesNext up, we have the Tiffany & Co feeding spoon. This is another luxury gift, that is absolutely timeless and can be passed down from generation to generation. Not a spoon designed for eating, but it does make a timeless keepsake that can be enjoyed for decades and even centuries to come.

You have the option to add an engraving too, perhaps their birthday, date of their christening or their initials. This may not be the most practical gift, but it certainly makes a wonderful keepsake.

3. Vintage Jewellery

vintage-jewellery-as-unique-newborn-gift-ideas-for-baby-partiesAnother wonderful gift for a newborn for them to cherish for their whole life is vintage jewellery. If you want to buy something for the baby that will retain its value over time, can be worn and enjoyed by them and passed down many generations, then vintage jewellery is the way forward.

Opt for something that doesn’t require specific sizing or piercings, like a bracelet or necklace, as opposed to rings or earrings for example. A high-quality piece of vintage jewellery made with precious gemstones and expert craftsmanship is very unlikely to lose its value, so you are helping to secure a part of their future!

4. Luxury Teddy Bear

luxury-teddy-bear-as-unique-newborn-gift-ideas-for-baby-partiesFor a really special gift for the newborn, choose a luxury teddy bear. There are so many options out there, from Tiffany and Steiff to Harrods. Again, this is another very traditional and timeless toy that can provide comfort and companionship.

Plus, when you’re choosing a luxury teddy bear, they are likely to last for years and years, well into a child’s adulthood. Taking a teddy bear out on day trips with them can become core memories, that you can help to contribute.

5. Rocking Horse

rocking-horse-as-unique-newborn-gift-ideas-for-baby-partiesWhen it comes to presents for a newborn, it doesn’t get much more classic than a rocking horse. Staggeringly, some fold and crystal-studded rocking horses have sold for over $100,000, however, you can still find luxury pieces without quite so big of a price tag!

You can spend anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand on a good quality rocking horse that again, can be passed from generation to generation. The amount you are willing to spend depends on the quality in many cases, so your budget will help to narrow down your options!

Final Thoughts

Whilst these gifts are luxurious and expensive, the quality is unparalleled. Giving cash is common, but for something a bit different, choose one of these beautiful and customized baby gifts that will last a lifetime.